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Sanction Hong Kong government for its State Terrorism conducted in Prince Edward train station, Hong Kong on 8/31

Created on August 31, 2019

On the night of 8/31, the Hong Kong Police Force stormed the Prince Edward train Station and Indiscriminately assaulted those who were in the station, including civilians. Many were heavily injured. Numerous evidence points the assault to State Terrorism perpetrated by the Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong S.A.R.

The Hong Kong Police Force demanded the Mass Transit Railway,MTR, to seal off Prince Edward Station, trapping civilians and armless protestors, while ordering its Special Tactical Squad to storm the platform on its arrival, attacking any civilians insight, which ended in a Bloodshed!

We the people respectfully request the U.S. to sanction Hong Kong S.A.R. government and the Hong Kong Police Force for conducting State Terrorism in Hong Kong.

Civil Rights & Equality
Foreign Policy

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