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★INDICT & ARREST Moon Jae-in for SMUGGLING the ChinaVirus into the US & ENDANGERING the national security of US & ROK!

Created on April 23, 2020

★The ground for the indictment and the arrest order of Moon Jae-in is far more serious than Maduro indictment and arrest order.

First, Moon Jae-in has committed a CRIME of massacre of the American people by acting as the main body behind the smuggling of the ChinaVirus into the United States,

Second, Moon Jae-in has committed a CRIME of jeopardizing the US-ROK alliance security by illegally usurping the national sovereignty of the Republic of Korea, the number #1 blood alliance of the US in the Far East region,

Third, Moon Jae-in has committed a CRIME of permanently collapsing the regional security of Indo-Pacific area by colluding with the communist North Korea, communist China and the Deep State in the backdrop.★

By Prof. ILSUN KIM, TePyung (Korean Patriotic Citizens' Assembly)

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