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Revoke the visas of Chinese college students who disrupted the otherwise peaceful pro-Hong Kong protests

Created on August 20, 2019

The ongoing anti-ELAB protests worldwide have become common targets for many mainland Chinese students, resulting in clashes between pro-Hong Kong and pro-China parties as the latter would disrupt these otherwise peaceful protests in an uncivilized manner, often with the use of violence. Such blatant disregard for human rights is intolerable in the US and also poses danger to US citizens who stand with Hong Kongers.

Evidences have also shown that Chinese students / researchers are likely to have facilitated intellectual property theft and/or engaged in espionage under the potential influence of the Chinese Communist Party. We therefore urge the Congress to further restrict the admission of Chinese college students, and revoke the visas for those who attempted to sabotage the protests.

Civil Rights & Equality
Foreign Policy
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