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Please send US Armed force to Hong Kong to rescue citizens from the massacre carried out by the Hong Kong Police Force.

Created on September 11, 2019

The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) has begun a massacre on Hong Kong citizens and tourists from around the world. The HKPF is shooting people at extremely close range, (including head-shot) with different types of ammo. Throwing hundreds of expired tear gas at residential locations as well as indoor which are proven to be toxic to the people who inhale them. Attacking people's head with batons to all people who are in their line of sight. And now they are even allowed to carry batons after work. People in HK are now in danger by just walking on the street.

The Hong Kong government is hiding the truth about the people injured and killed by the HKPF. We have no weapon to protect ourselves. Please send United States Armed Forces to Hong Kong and carry out humanitarian rescue.

Civil Rights & Equality
Foreign Policy
Gun Violence

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