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Over 1.5 Million American jobs in jeopardy upon the change of the EB-5 rule – Must re-define the limitations of the visa

Created on March 15, 2018

EB-5 is the only immigration program taking advantage of the foreign direct investment to create US jobs. Due to the limited availability of the visas, currently there are over 150,000 investors’ families having to wait over 10 years to set their feet on the land of the US. The EB-5 Reform Act under review in congress has not proposed to improve this terrible situation. Instead, it will increase the waiting period to 15-20 years and kill the hope of these families that already helped boost US economy. The passage of the law will cause withdrawals of these investments and jeopardize more than 1.5 million American jobs being created nationwide.

Solution? Add this: The numerical limitations of the visas shall ONLY apply to principal aliens and not to the spouses or children of such aliens.


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