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Jd.com,inc inducing consumers which leads to millions of people have been cheated for tens of billions of dollars.

Created on June 30, 2018

The Nasdaq-listed company, JD.com, Inc. has long marketed Phicomm company's product within it's self owned stores.Phicomm company used this so called "buy it with 0 dollar"method to sells its product to customers with a price much higher than the cost price and they promise to return the funds after a certain period of time through the "Lincomb FINANCE" company affiliated to Phicomm. This is a real time Ponzi scheme but JD.com did not inform their clients of the risks,which leads to millions of people have been cheated tens of billions of dollars.
We would like to request the FBI's securities and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate JD.com,severely punish JD.com and CEO Qiangdong Liu, compensate consumers for their loss.

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