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Hong Kong Universal Suffrage Plan

Created on January 02, 2020

According to the requirement of HKHRDA of 2019 , Hong Kong people now propose this as the plan of Hong Kong Universal Suffrage in 2020.
1. Amend District Council to House,Legislative Council to Senate.
2. Senate members need to suggested by House and elected by valid voters.
3. Amend Chief Executive to Prime Minister.
4. Prime Minister should be elected by valid voters.
5. Cancel the age and nationality limitation of the Prime Minister.
6. Amend the pledge of loyalty to Hong Kong people instead of PROC.
7. Cancel NPC's power of the explanation and amendment of Basic Law , own by Hong Kong people instead.
8. Repeal the political ability and influences of LOCPG and NPC.
9. Power of citizens' initiative and law amendment power should be guaranteed.
10. Impeach of PM of 60% in Congress(Both)

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