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Hong Kong say NO to Carrie Lam's so-called "concessions", Continue Call the US to Pass HK Human Rights and Democracy Act

Created on September 04, 2019

On Sep 4, Carrie Lam - the chief executive of Hong Kong - announced the withdrawal of the extradition bill.

We, however, do NOT accept this as a satisfactory response to Hong Kongers' Five Demands. Our Five Demands are about much more than the Extradition Bill, and about police brutality, democracy, and freedom.

Five Demands:
1. Drop charges against protestors
2. Retract the "riot" characterization of the protests
3. Independent commission to investigate police brutality and abuse of power
4. Universal suffrage for elections
5. Permanently Withdraw the Extradition Bill

So far, only the easiest demand of the five have been met. As such, we continue to call Congress to pass the US Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act when it reconvenes on Sep 9.

Civil Rights & Equality
Foreign Policy

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