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Global Magnitsky Act for Pro-Beijing officials of the Hong Kong Executive Council

Created on September 10, 2019

Please add any Pro-Beijing supporter of the Hong Kong Executive Council or any high-profile public figure who has supported, directly or indirectly, its measures and statements during the protests, to the Global Magnitsky List for failure to adhere or admonish/indict those who have failed to uphold the Fundamental Rights Clause of HK Basic Law.

Ex: Curtailing freedom of movement, assembly, indiscriminate use of force/terror tactics against children /general public, possible rapes of female detainees, unwarranted arrests, lack of true suffrage.

This rebuke of inaction towards and tacit or explicit condoning of human rights abuses will be a loud call of support to those in Hong Kong who want their fundamental legal rights upheld and a stop to the madness that has become their new normal.

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