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#ChineseLivesMatters Calling a federal investigation into the United Airlines incident on 10th April 2017

Created on April 11, 2017

On 11th April 2017, a passenger was forcefully removed from the plane because he refused to give up his seat. He was dragged off brutally and violently. Blood is visible on his face and body. The flight was departing O'Hare Interntaional Airport in Chicago for Louisville, Kentucky.

The passenger explained that he is a doctor and he is on his way to see his patients thus he cannot reschedule his flight. This resulted in him being forcefully dragged off the plane and the force deployed caused him to bleed.

The passenger was shouting that he was chosen to leave the flight only because he is Chinese, according to the news report by the New York Times.

We are calling the federal government to launch an investigation into this incident.


Civil Rights & Equality

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