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Created on July 26, 2020

Breonna Taylor was a twenty six year old EMT, she had a bright future ahead of her. Unfortunately on March 13th, her life would come to an end. Louisville police officers used a battering ram to get Into her apartment executing a search warrant. The man they were searching for was already in custody. The loud banging of the ram woke up Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Started by the banging, Kenneth grabbed his gun thinking that the house was being robbed. Walker fired a shot, and the police started shooting. They shot Breonna Taylor several times. Walker says that Breonna Taylor was breathing for five minutes after being shot. She didn’t get medical attention until twenty minutes later. She could’ve been saved. ARREST BRETT HANKISON, JON MATTINGLY, AND MYLES COSGROVE.

Civil Rights & Equality
Criminal Justice Reform

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