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Stop the landfill of Henoko / Oura Bay until a referendum can be held in Okinawa

Created on December 08, 2018

President Trump: Please STOP the landfill work in Okinawa until a democratic referendum can be held. Earlier this year the Okinawan people overwhelmingly elected Gov. Denny Tamaki on the premise of STOPPING the construction at Henoko / Oura Bay. The Bay is a CRUCIAL part of the Okinawan ecosystem. However the Japanese government & U.S. military have so far IGNORED the democratic will of Gov. Tamaki & the Okinawan people. The irreversible part of the construction is set to begin on Dec. 14 (JST). If this is allowed it will surely incur strong anti-U.S. sentiment among Okinawans & will forever strain U.S.-Okinawa relations. Please order a HALT to the construction & ensure that democracy prevails. Please show Okinawans that America is indeed an honorable and GREAT nation.

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